The spirit of innovation

The spirit of innovation informs everything we do.

We are ceaseless in our drive to move the polymer industry forward by empowering our people and our technology.

Precision delivered with sustainability.

The finest specialists and technicians in the world collaborated on the design, construction and calibration of our production technologies to deliver products with optimum quality, reliability and proven sustainability built in.

Smarter processing technology equals smarter sustainability

Sustainability was at the forefront during the research, analysis and selection of our processing technologies. We selected the following technologies based on overall efficiency and high environmental performance:

UOP Oleflex™ for PDH processing – the world’s leading on-purpose Polymer Grade Propylene (PGP) production technology, delivering low energy usage, lowest environmental footprint, lowest C02 and NOx emissions, lowest water make-up rate and wastewater production.

Grace UNIPOL® for PP processing – minimal equipment, reduced footprint, mild operating conditions, dry product (no solvents), no catalyst separation or waste.

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