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Polypropylene is a high-demand thermoplastic polymer (can be remelted) used in a wide variety of applications from food packaging to healthcare PPE, to textiles and outerwear, to automotive safety parts to personal hygiene products. Polypropylene is the world’s single most-utilized polymer, accounting for ~30 per cent of global demand for all plastics. The polypropylene produced at Heartland Petrochemical Complex is fully recyclable.

When operations begin, Heartland Polymers will produce homopolymers and random copolymers, with plans to expand product lines in the future.

Homopolymers – Produced in a single reactor with no comonomer addition
Random Copolymers – Produced in a single reactor but with up to 5 per cent ethylene comonomer added

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Heartland Polymers will use leading technologies to convert locally sourced propane into polypropylene resin. The raw product is shipped in the form of resin pellets which can be easily transformed by manufacturers and converters into the products that support our modern lives.

Our integrated PDH/PP production facility, Heartland Petrochemical Complex, is located in Strathcona County, Alberta, Canada which is about a 30-minute drive Northeast of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

We are on track to be operational in 2022.

Inter Pipeline is an energy infrastructure business engaged in the transportation, processing and storage of energy products across Western Canada and Europe. It is entering the petrochemical business with the build of Heartland Petrochemical Complex and the launch of Heartland Polymers brand.

We believe better is possible, and we’re proving it from the ground up. Find out how deliberate sustainability actions informed every aspect our business from the design of the facility, to our production technologies, to our support of international efforts to end plastic waste by visiting us our Sustainability page

We plan to service all of North America from inventory in Alberta and from inventory placed in the Midwest United States. We will also export material from Vancouver, Canada and from various ports in the United States.

Our production facility is connected to rail transport for reliable delivery to customers across North America and international ports for global delivery.

Our plant production capacity is 525,000 metric tonnes per year or 1.16 billion pounds per year – enough to fill 16 rail cars per day.

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We use the UNIPOL® Proprietary Gas Phase Polypropylene Process Technology and the Oleflex™ for PDH processing. For more information on each, visit the Technology page

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