Sustainability in action

Tangible solutions

Our vision of post-consumer sustainability is centered on supporting a circular economy underlined by the principle that plastic belongs in the economy, not in the environment. This valuable commodity can help us solve problems and meet challenges as we seek to eliminate waste from landfills and waterways. Tangible results are coming to life through our partnership with the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology  in the creation of Plastics Research in Action. This $10-million, 10-year research initiative is unleashing the brightest minds in science, research and technology to find new uses for post-consumer and hard to recycle materials.

Asphalt: A new path to the future

Paving roads in Alberta with hard to recycle post-consumer plastics is at the heart of The Asphalt Project, a PRIA collaboration First Nations, local governments, and the private sector. Across the test locations, this project will redirect around 3.74 tonnes of plastic waste – equivalent to 716,000 plastic bags or 415,000 plastic bottles.

Microplastics research in water

This project is identifying, quantifying, and monitoring microplastics in the North Saskatchewan River in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. The project is garnering international attention, with the research team invited to share its research protocol at the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) conference in Seattle in April 2022.

PP-blended flooring

The team is working to develop and commercialize sustainably produced luxury flooring, validating private sector ability to introduce factory and consumer regrind and recycled content into their product – a critical step towards a zero-waste factory and circular economy.

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