Being a better supplier

Julio Muzquiz takes the Heartland Hot Seat

If you’re in Texas and you spot a sweet ’72 Ford Maverick, the smiling guy behind the wheel might just be Julio Muzquiz.

The Senior Technical Service Representative took his turn in the Heartland Hot Seat to discuss his team and how they are winning hearts and minds one customer at a time. “We’re very cohesive and we all get along,” he says. With 30 years in polypropylene and polyethylene, Muzquiz is helping customers maximize their production potential through quality and consistency. He says the Heartland motto to ‘believe in better’ means being better stewards of the environment, better suppliers, and better listeners. A grill master who barbecues rain or shine, Muzquiz says his real weakness is sushi. “My favorite food by far is sushi. I can eat it all day, every day, and I don’t get tired of it.”

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