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Heartland welcomes face to face meetings

The Heartland Polymers team was thrilled to get out on the road and participate in the brand’s inaugural live industry events at the end of March. Leadership, sales, and technical representatives attended and exhibited at World Petrochemical Conference (WPC) March 22-25 in Houston, TX., as well as IDEA22 held March 28-31 in Miami Beach, FL.

“After launching the Heartland Polymers brand virtually in 2021, it was an important milestone to be able to connect with our markets in person,” says Yonas Kebede, Heartland Polymers Director of Sales and Marketing.

“Strong relationships and face to face connections are such an important aspect of how we do business here and being a brand-new entrant to the marketplace only highlights that fact.”

The 37th Annual World Petrochemical Conference attracted over 1,500 participants from over 47 countries attending in person, with the theme of ‘Navigating Towards Net-Zero,’ and with a similar attendance, INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, announced that IDEA® will be held every two years instead of three starting in 2024.

The Heartland Polymers team was excited to showcase their first-ever booth display, informational brand videos and marketing collateral at this year’s Miami Beach event. But meeting with customers, stakeholders and colleagues was the highlight.

“Technology allows us to stay in touch and even conduct business transactions in new, efficient, and safe ways. Our online customer portal is an example of the leaps we’ve taken,” said Kebede, “but nothing replaces the opportunity to meet face to face, to catch up, and to really develop the relationship. I’m very pleased with how Heartland Polymers was welcomed by the industry at our first events, and the opportunity to field questions about who we are. We were able to hear firsthand about what keeps customers up at night and how we can be a helpful partner in their growth and success.”

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