Hi. We’re Heartland Polymers.

We believe in better, and we’ll prove it every day.

As North America’s first integrated PDH/PP manufacturer, we have a lot to live up to. We’re ready to prove that better is possible – in sustainability, reliable production and delivery, customer service, and product excellence.

We live in a world of dynamic change, unexpected challenges, and infinite potential. At Heartland Polymers, we believe responsibly produced polymer can help our society grow and thrive as we meet these changing times with confidence in our solutions.

Heartland is proud to be part of the industry producing PPE that protects our healthcare workers, the packaging that keeps our food safer and reduces spoiling, the parts that enhance our modern vehicles, the countless tools and toys that make our lives more secure, stable, and more enjoyable.

Stepping up on sustainability.

We are committed to a future where problems are solved responsibly by empowering our people and leveraging technology. The global polymer industry is poised for significant growth over the coming years, but we must work together to deliver increased sustainability to fulfill our great potential. Heartland is stepping up in the spirit of collaboration and innovation.

Every aspect of our business is informed by the principal of deliberate sustainability. It’s at the heart of everything we do. In addition to demonstrating leadership in reducing GHG emissions, Heartland Polymers is proud to support a growing list of partners in advocating for plastic waste reduction and responsible recycling. Read more about our commitment to sustainability here.


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