A better customer experience

Shaping a better customer experience starts with industry consultation.

Yonas Kebede, Director, Polypropylene Sales and Marketing HPC Commercial Development

“Our team is passionately invested in the future of the polymer industry and the Heartland mission to prove that better is possible in everything we do”

The sales and technical support team at Heartland Polymers has been custom-built to deliver an exceptional customer experience from initial contact right through to the delivery of product and beyond, explains Yonas Kebede, Heartland’s Director of Sales & Marketing. Every aspect of the Heartland business has been designed to prove that better is possible as the recyclable polymer industry steps up to meet growing global demand. And for Yonas, that meant taking the time to recruit and build a diverse team with the best mix experience, talent, personalities and shared values.   

“Our team is personally invested in the future of the polymer industry and the Heartland mission to prove that better is possible in everything we do,” says Yonas from Heartland sales headquarters in New Jersey. “I’ve worked in this industry for a long time and with many great companies, but I do feel we have assembled a special group of people here. We’re getting excited as we connect with folks in the industry and receive positive feedback about our plans and our approach.”

That approach to customer sales and service was directly informed through independent consultations and research conducted with leaders across the polymer industry, Yonas explains. The consultation process explored opportunities, challenges, areas for improvement and ultimately where and how a new global market entrant like Heartland could have the most positive impact. 

“We can genuinely say that our business model for customer success was designed by you, for you,” he says of the industry outreach. “We heard firsthand about the dynamic nature of the manufacturing industries we serve and the importance of reliability in delivery, quality and consistency. It’s also vital for us to demonstrate leadership in sustainability through world-leading reductions in emissions, smarter water conservation, and environmental stewardship.”

Contracting: Different Approach

Heartland is also changing the game with a unique commercial framework aimed at securing a minimum of 70 per cent of HPC’s polypropylene production capacity under long-term, take-or-pay agreements. These agreements are structured to reduce exposure to commodity price fluctuations.

In terms of reliability, the geographical location of the Heartland Petrochemical Complex means it is less susceptible to extreme weather events such as hurricanes that can cause significant disruption in logistics and supply. The complex is also connected to rail transport and a series of storage facilities to ensure dependable delivery to customers across North America and global ports.

“Our rail control system is right now being tested and optimized as we prepare to fill 16 rail cars a day,” he says, adding the rail cars are outfitted with the latest GPS technology to allow customers to track their shipments every step of the way.

Making Interface Easy

Heartland’s secure digital Customer Portal was also developed with the user in mind, delivering a more efficient sales experience across an easy-to-use dashboard. While technology empowers a newer and better way of doing business, Yonas says the team will always place the highest value on human connection.

“It’s not just a tag line or a motto. Forming long-term relationships built on trust and reliability is what matters most to our group,” says Yonas.

The team includes




David Marnalse, Senior Account Manager – Polypropylene Sales;
Matt McKinnon, Account Manager – Polypropylene Sales;
Julio Muzquiz, Technical Service Specialist;
Amélie Delisle, General Manager of Heartland Petrochemical Complex.

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